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My 5 favorite health and fitness blogs for 2017

With so many health and fitness blogs out there, I am not even scratching the surface. But I want to throw a bunch into my reader and pretty much drown in all the healthy goodness I can in 2017. So let me know what health and fitness blogs you're going to be reading this year, so I can join you! ...

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My Friend, Mario

Looking back, I think it’s kind of fun that one of my earliest and fondest memories involves two of my favorite things—video games (technically) and running ...

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Want some free stuff? Who doesn't like free stuff?

Hi! I'm BJ, and I used to be fat. But I'm not now. I lost 155 pounds over the past few years, and I want to help you do the same thing.

I changed pretty much everything about my life--except for who I am. I am still the Star Wars-loving geek I was, but now I love fitness almost as much as Jedi. Almost.

You can start your fitness quest by clicking here.