My End-of-Summer Self-Evaluation

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Well, my semester officially starts in under a week. Summer break is behind me, and I’m at that weird point in the limbo between vacation and work where I get in a kind of funky mood and evaluate myself in unfair terms.

Did I enjoy my summer enough? Did I have enough fun? Was I productive enough? Did I write enough books? Did I run enough, eat healthy enough, and stay in good enough shape for the coming Fall and Winter?

I think about all this after I listened to Eat, Pray, Love and Born to Run, and I realize I really, really, really need to learn to friggin’ let go. But still, I had my goals for the summer, and now that it’s over, I can’t help but see how I stacked up. Continue reading

My Word Is “Run”

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I’ve been on a audiobooks-while-running kick this summer. Thanks to a great post over at Run To The Finish, my most recent audiobook is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Since I’ve been working on my own memoir lately, I’ve really started digging on other people’s stories, too.

One part of Gilbert’s book that really stuck with me was the idea that everyone and everywhere has a single word to best describe them, a personal word. She talks about how Rome’s word is sex and how New York’s word is achieve and so on and so forth.

So as I was listening to this section, it made me really think about the last few months of my life. Almost everything has changed, much like Gilbert’s in Eat, Pray, Love–admittedly, though, mine has been a lot more positive than hers since, you know, my life wasn’t wracked by divorce and similar tragedies.

I have, however, done a lot of unadulterated soul-searching and made a lot of changes, not the least of which was moving to new city and state. I thought about my new city, my new state,  and my new self. And I’ve come to realize that as hokey (and probably obvious) as it is, my personal word is run.  Continue reading

Running Is What Keeps Me Alive


A few days ago, my mom was put into the hospital. She’s okay now. We thought it was a much more dire situation than it turned out to be, but the night she was admitted, I was really stressed out. It was late, and I live two hours from the hospital, so visiting was going to have to wait.

Obviously, the whole situation made me really antsy. And I don’t really deal that well with stress. So I had to hit the road–only in my Asics instead of my Prius.  Continue reading

I Stopped Weighing Myself, and It’s Been Awesome

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When I was in the middle of my weight loss, I weighed myself every day. Almost everything I read about it said that I was doing it wrong, that I should have had a Weigh-In Day once a week.

I tried it, but it didn’t work for me. I couldn’t stand it. Seeing how I was doing on a daily basis motivated me to either do better and kick it up a notch or continue going strong. It wasn’t a negative experience for me.

Once I hit my maintenance phase, though, I stopped. I currently have a 5-pound range I allow myself to be in (160-165), and as long as I’m within those 5 pounds, I’m doing okay. If I’m heavier or lighter, I do a little more digging (checking body composition, testing various sizes of clothing to see how they fit, etc.) before freaking out one way or the other.

Or at least I did. About a month ago, I stopped weighing altogether, and it has been liberating and awesome and wonderful.  Continue reading

Garbage In, Garbage Out

CSA Veggies

I tend to eat pretty healthfully. I eat a lot of vegetables, sparing meat, limit restaurant visits, and consume as few processed products as I can. Jennifer and I are members of a local CSA, and we do our best to stick to the 5-ingredient rule for anything that comes in a package, but that’s not always possible.

And for the most part, we feel good and our energy levels are high. I know that part of that comes from eating well and that part of it comes from regular exercise.

But until this weekend, I didn’t know just how much diet influenced how I feel. It’s easy to say garbage in, garbage out or you are what you eat or 80% of weight loss happens in the kitchen, but after the past weekend, I have never been more sure of why I do what I do and eat the way I eat.  Continue reading