Who Wants 30 Days of Free Advertising?

Geek Fitness Logo 4

Love them or hate them, ads are a part of life on the internet. Google AdSense is cool and all, but the ads that are served up are sometimes kind of meh. And since Geek Fitness is about actually helping and making a difference, I want the ads on this site to be just as helpful.

So for the months of January and February, I thought I would offer a free 30 days of advertising as a promotion help wean myself from AdSense and get some good, quality sites associated with Geek Fitness.

And if, after your initial 30 days of free advertising, you choose to pay to keep the spot, all could be right in the world.


Go to my advertising page and pick the ad spot you like the best. There are four of them: Top of Post, Bottom of Post, Sidebar 1, and Sidebar 2. Each spot has a limited number of ads available, and they rotate in and out automagically.

After you’ve picked your spot, you can click through and use the promo code GEEKFITNESS at checkout to get the spot for free.

Then, all you have to do is provide the link and the image for your ad, and it goes live as soon as I approve it.

Which brings me to… #dundundun


While this is a free advertising promotion, I do have a few guidelines for ads before they go live.

  • All ads are subject to my approval, and I ask that they be relevant to Geek Fitness‘s audience. Basically, that means anything about geekery, healthy living, staying active, technology, and being generally awesome will be approved. If you happen to run an adult-oriented or otherwise inappropriate site, there might be some problems.
  • The same rules apply to the ad images themselves. Please don’t be vulgar.
  •  One ad per site. There is a 16 advertiser rotation across the four ad spots (six being the maximum shown across the site at any given time), and I want to keep it as fair as I can to everyone. So if you sign up for more than one free slot, I’ll only approve one.


Hopefully fantastic. So if you know anyone who could use a free 30 days of advertising, let them know about the GEEKFITNESS promo code and point them to my advertising page.

And Passionfruit also does ad swaps, so if you’re interested in having a Geek Fitness ad or button on your site as well, let me know.

Thanks for your support, and I really look forward to working with you!