The Best Superhero Workouts

Greetings, Citizen!

Most of us aren’t blessed with body of Norse God like Chris Hemsworth is. Most of you probably don’t naturally look like Chris Evans (goodness knows I don’t), and those Ryan Reynolds Deadpool abs? Well, they take lots of work and dedication because we don’t have access to the Weapon X program.

So…I’m assuming that you’re here for the same reason I am: you want to look like a superhero in real life.

You want the very best superhero workouts, and you’re in the right place. These routines that will get you from zero to hero in no time flat (yes, just like Disney’s Hercules).

You may want to be fit enough to keep up with Quicksilver at track practice. Maybe you can’t leap the distance between rooftops yet and need to learn how to make your jumps more powerful. You might even just want to save your city from megalomaniacal villains trying to replace your friends and family with new robot overlords.

Or heck, you may want to get the perfect shape so your supersuit will fit better at next year’s ComicCon.

No matter your reason for wanting to look like a superhero (or be a superhero), I am here to help. Feel free to light the batsignal if you need anything at all.

Pick your superhero workout routine: