What Are Your Favorite Fitness/Health Blogs?

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I like blogs. Probably kind of obvious since I have more than one of the things, but I do. I really, really do. I spend a lot of time reading on teh intarwebz–and I’m always looking to expand my horizons. Especially when it comes to fitness reading and research. I found this awesome list of 60 blogs we should all start reading, and there are the old standbys of Livestrong, Runner’s World, and Competitor. And they’re great for what they do, but they’re kind of megasites with lots of resources aimed at professional-type athletes. Not the geektastic nerdfolk we see in the mirror. So I’ve been on the lookout for blogs by more ordinary people. More personal stories, anecdotes, tips and tricks. I have a couple linked in the blogroll in the sidebar–The Wannabe Athlete and World’s Strongest Librarian, for instance. And I did run across this pretty cool bloghop I found called Fitness Friday where I find tons of motivation, tips, and nomlicious recipes and ideas. (I really suggest clicking through some of the blogs in that one. Tons of good and interesting folks in that one.) But I want more. A lot more. I want to add a metric crapton of feeds to my Google Reader, so I can just plow through post after post like I do on Flipboard’s “running” and “men’s style” boards. And that is where you come in. Would any of you guys and gals be willing to share with me whatever nooks and crannies of teh intarwebz you frequent, which virtual doorsteps you darken? Do you know of (or write for!) a fun and fantastico healthy living and fitness blog? So share the love! Give map props! Let’s show ’em what the social web is all about, yeah?

Toss the link to your favorite fitness blog in a comment!

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