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So yesterday, I made a boo-boo. I broke my elliptical. #crushedittoomuch

Broken Elliptical

I didn’t fall off, which is a miracle, but it did cut my workout a bit short–only got 45 minutes instead of 65. That’s okay. Things happen and workouts get interrupted. The elliptical got me through a lot, though, and according to the tracking number from Amazon, our treadmill is due for delivery on the 17th. Not too long to wait without a home cardio machine.

Guess I’ll just have to go outside in the cold and rain. Bleh. (This is where I tell myself “Suck it up, princess.”)

But today’s a run day, and I intend to start adding in my weekly 10% increase to get me to running a 10k again. If I do that, I’ll be more than used to running the distance again by the end of the semester and the race I intend to run in May.

(Remember, ten percent is often considered the safest increase you can do in almost any kind of workout. More than 10% a week, and you can risk injury. You have been warned.)

After that, we’re having a few people over for my Nerdy-Thirty birthday party, where there will be lightsaber fighting, video games, novelty t-shirt contests, and other such geekery into the wee hours.

I’m sure there will be pictures.

All in all, this weekend looks to be pretty nice. You guys and gals have any awesome/geektastic plans?

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