When you lose weight, your body changes in ways that I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve never even considered–like that your feet lose weight.  And that brings up issues that affect the way you dress and groom yourself.

Even if you’re well-dressed and well-groomed you probably aren’t used to your feet getting smaller.

I mean, that was the biggest change as I went about my fitness quest. For some reason, I didn’t expect my feet to lose weight when I dropped enough weight to make another whole person.

As your feet lose weight, your shoes won’t fit anymore.

You expect shirts to get looser and baggier the smaller you get. We’re trained to expect that. Pants, too. After all, pant size is the go-to detail in those before/after photos from late-night infomercials.

You probably even expect your double-chins to shrink and give you a more pronounced jaw and neckline.

And they will. But your feet will, too! So will your neck, arms, legs, and face!

You will notice those changes in yourself, and other people will notice those changes in you. They’re public and prominent and easy to see. (And awesome. Don’t forget awesome.)

But what really got me was that feet do lose weight. No one really warns us fat folk how to deal with the fact that every single inch of your body shrinks.

(I’ll pause here while you guffaw like adolescents for a few minutes.)

But seriously, the biggest change from weight loss–and one that no one told me about–was that my feet would lose weight, too, and that meant that my shoe size would change.

I have (had?) nice feet–for a Hobbit. They’re short, thick, hairy, and wide. And I went from wearing an 12 in most shoes to needing a 9 in most sneakers. Now I tend to wear 10 4E (that’s extra-wide) in my Asics running shoes. I still wear 11s in Converse All-Stars for everyday plodding, and my dress shoes are 11s, too.

When my feet first lost weight, most of my shoes slipped up and down a ton more than they did before, which has caused a ton of blisters. So it’s really important to know that you’re going need to go shoe shopping well before I did. (Because you’re not just going to need new sneakers, but running shoes, dress shoes, winter shoes, and so on and so forth. So you gotta prep your wallet for the sting!)

So please. Take my advice. When your feet lose weight, don’t just wear old, worn out shoes that are also far too large. It’s just too tough on your new, skinny footsies. Especially if you’re like I was and worked standing up all day.

I mean, I didn’t ever think of my feet losing weight. I didn’t know my feet were fat. But they were.

And ya know what else? Everything was fat. Everything.

It won’t just be your feet that lose weight, either. Your hands will shrink, too. A lot. When I got married, I had short, stubby sausage fingers and wore a size-13 ring. After losing 150 pounds, I had to trade in my tungsten band for a smaller size (they can’t be resized). I now wear a size-8 wedding band.

That’s 5 ring sizes, for you non-mathletes out there.

Nobody told me that weight loss would make my hands and feet shrink so dramatically. Sure, intellectually, I knew the weight loss would be all over my body, but I’m as guilty as anyone of being so obsessed with the exposed and visible areas of my body. We tend to forget that our daily lives are affected by the soles of our feet far more than the size of our biceps.

So yeah. Hands and feet lose weight, too. #whodathunkit?

Not me.

As you’ve lost weight or become more fit, have you noticed any unforeseen changes in your body? Were they good or bad? Let me know at @geekfitnesscast on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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