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Do you love video games, pop culture, comic books, and everything in between? Do you also love running, picking heavy things up, putting heavy things back down, yoga, weight loss, or any other aspect of healthy living? And do you blog about any and/or all of that stuff?


You’re in the right place! Welcome to #FitGeekFriday, your weekly geektastic gathering of everything you love.

#FitGeekFriday is a way for all of us to meet new friends, find new health, fitness, and geekery blogs, and immerse ourselves in a growing community of people who care about all the same stuff we do.

#FitGeekFriday is about the best of geek culture and healthy living, so if you’ve got a post that fits in any part of that, share a link to your blog using the widget below (the big blue button that says Add A Link) and commence geeking out!

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#FitGeekFriday is a weekly gathering of fantastic geekery. Check back every Friday morning for a new Link-Up post, and feel free to grab a #FitGeekFriday badge for your site using the code below!

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