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#FitGeekFriday: How We Roll

Welcome back to #FitGeekFriday, where FitGeeks from around the internet get together, share links, and talk about all kinds of awesomeness.

If you’re not familiar with link-ups and blog hops, they’re super simple: Use the “Add A Link” button below to leave a link to something awesome you wrote at your website, click into someone else’s links, comment, and make new friends! #FitGeekFriday is about bringing together the community of geekery-loving fitness junkies, so get out there and be social!

We R Franz!

I want to do #FitGeekFriday just a little differently today. Instead of a short, themed editorial and then a community spotlight of a previous member, I want to talk about a few of my favorite places to hang out online and hope that you guys can share a few of yours.

I look at the internet as a wonderful place to make friends, which is the whole point behind FitGeekFriday, anyway–being a healthy and happy part of the community.

Community Spotlight

Bio Break
One of my oldest online friends (and one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place) is Justin (aka @Sypster). He runs the gaming site Bio Break, where he talks about every kind of MMO imaginable. If you’re looking for a wonderfully optimistic gaming community, Syp has done an absolutely amazing job of creating one.

I Have Touched the Sky
Rowan is also an MMO blogger, and just a really nice dude. He facilitates some wonderfully interesting conversations on Twitter, helps newbies like me try new video games like The Secret World–which is awesome, by the way–and generally keeps me honest and calls me out on any fitnessy BS he sees. If you’re not reading his blog or following him on Twitter, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Get to know Rowan.

A Green Mushroom
I know that I’ve featured Void on #FitGeekFriday before, but I can’t have a list of my online friends’ websites without him. He talks about everything from exercise bikes to Final Fantasy, and that means that his blog is a must-read for me. And obviously for you, too.

And that’s just a handful of the people I care about online. I just can’t go into detail here about everyone I read, Tweet, and care about. But I think these guys are a good place to start.

So tell me, folks, what blogs do you just have to read? Are they about gaming? Are they health-related? Who do you think we all ought to get to know just a little bit better?

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#FitGeekFriday Community Guidelines

All I ask is that if you leave a link for #FitGeekFriday, click around and check out at least one of the other posts in the Link-Up. It would be pretty cool if you left a comment at their place, letting them know where you came from with the #FitGeekFriday tag. That’s it!

#FitGeekFriday is about the wonderful community of fitness-loving geeks, so let’s share the love. If you’re feeling extra awesome, you could even share someone’s post with your friends and loved ones–and be sure to use the hashtag #FitGeekFriday, too!

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