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Haters, Stop Hatin’

The internet is awesome. It’s a place where like-minded people can get together and talk and have fun and support each other. It can be a place where people share information and make each other’s lives a little easier.

It can also be a rough place. Honestly, there are parts of the internet that can be kind of a cesspool. People complain about things they love, people harass other people for not liking the same things, people bully just for the simple fact that anonymity gives very little chance of recourse.

And I’m sick of it.

I’m tired of internet trolls, and I’m tired of sensationalist, clickbait journalism. I’m tired of fat shaming, and I’m tired of fit shaming. I’m tired of people–in whatever capacity–making other people feel bad for liking things.

If you like something, like it. Don’t have guilty pleasures. Like something with all your heart. If you enjoy something, have fun with it. Don’t be ashamed, and don’t make other people feel ashamed.

Not a runner? That’s fine. Don’t run. Not a lifter? That’s cool. Don’t pick heavy things up. But don’t make people feel bad about it. Don’t diminish what works for someone else to build up whatever it is you’re promoting.

If you like something, focus on the positives, not what could be done to make it better. This goes for fitness and for geekery. Do you look forward to the new Star Wars movies? I do, and I’m really sick of people trying to preemptively destroy my buzz because of how bad the prequels were. You know what? They were terrible. But I still think they have some of the best sword fights ever captured on film.

Do you not agree? That’s great! Let’s not agree! I won’t bash you for liking Michael Bay movies like I want to.

Because the internet can be a rough place, I think that we, as geeks and fitness lovers, should embrace the idea of community. We all won’t agree, but the least we can do is be open-minded. We can at least try to put a smile on our face and understand where the other people are coming from.

If you like something, like it. Everything has flaws, sure. But if the only way you know how to like something is to poke holes in it and mock it, perhaps you should reevaluate things.

Internet negativity has gone too far. Let’s have the #FitGeek community be a bastion of hope, wonder, and positivity, shall we?

What do you like about superheroes? What makes one for you?

#FitGeekFriday Community Guidelines

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