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This week, I think we should talk about shiny new bits of awesomeness that we’ve picked up recently that we just went crazy for. For me, it’s these new Altra Olympus running shoes.

Altra Olympus Running Shoes in Box Altra Olympus Running Shoes on Feet

For years, I’ve been an Asics guy. I’ve run almost exclusively in the Gel Nimbus line of Asics because they provided the most cushion and comfort I could find (I had some small affairs with Brooks Ghosts and Glycerins, but they were fleeting).

I ran in the Nimbus 13, 14, and 15, and I fell in love with the 15 more than any other shoe I’ve ever met.

But this past fall, my foot started hurting. After I ran my half-marathon in October, the ball of my foot just under my second toe hurt, and I either had some soft-tissue damage or a minor stress fracture there. I checked out the bottom of both pairs of Nimbuses that I ran in this year, and for sure, they were nearly worn through in that exact spot where my foot hit the ground mile after mile.

With a 12mm drop, the Asics Nimbus basically forced me to learn forefoot striking despite having such a cushioned heel.

So after a particularly fruitful #runchat on Twitter a few weeks ago, Altra’s rep recommended the Paradigm for me, which is an ultra-cushioned zero-drop shoe. I went to a local running store, tried them on, and they were very nice. When the guy in the store told me to try the Olympus, though, I was in heaven. It was even softer than the Paradigm–and way softer than the Nimbus.

So I used some Amazon gift cards I had left over from my birthday to snag a pair of Altra Olympus shoes cheap.

I honestly have no idea how they’ll last, how I’ll adapt to a zero-drop shoe (I’ve only had them a couple days), or if it’ll help prevent my foot pain from returning. But going into my third training cycle as a real runner, I feel confident that I know enough about my body and what I need to give it a real shot without injuring myself.

Plus they’re shaped like my foot! How cool is that?

So tell me, FitGeeks, what new shinies have you grabbed lately that have you all atwitter?

Community Spotlight

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Today’s featured participant is Des, from Finding The Skinny Geek Within. She posted up a great article about her love of gaming and how it’s evolved over the years. Looking back at the screenshots she chose, I couldn’t help but get overly nostalgic and desperately want to spend all day on the couch, shooting bubbles out of a dinosaur’s mouth.

What? Don’t judge me. You know Bubble Bobble was awesome.

“The Skinny Geek Within” plays Bubble Bobble!

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