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#FitGeekFriday: The Gist Of It

Welcome back to #FitGeekFriday, where FitGeeks from around the internet get together, share links, and talk about all kinds of awesomeness.

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Be Mindful of the Future

If there’s one thing I never thought I’d say, it was that I actually learned something from Star Wars: Episode I. As bad as The Phantom Menace is, Qui-Gon Jinn (or is it just Liam Neeson?) is awesome on so many levels, and Ewan MacGregor has now somehow become my Obi-Wan.

The week I’ve had really hearkens back to a conversation between the two Jedi:

Obi-Wan: But Master Yoda says to be mindful of the future.
Qui-Gon: But not at the expense of the moment.

Sure, we all need to be mindful of the future. We only get one shot at all this, and we need to make it count. We need to prepare for the future, no doubt. That’s the number one reason we all do the geeky/fitnessy stuff we do–so we can be around as long as we can to love as much stuff and as many people as we can.

But we shouldn’t get so hung up in being mindful of the future that we miss out on what’s right in front of us. We shouldn’t focus so much on the race in a few months that we don’t enjoy the training runs. We shouldn’t focus on crossing the finish line that we miss the beautiful view.

We shouldn’t take for granted that tomorrow is going to be there. Because one day it won’t be.

Not to be a downer or put to serious a slant on stuff, but guys, if you don’t take the time to look around your lives and appreciate the good things right now, who knows if and when you’ll ever get another chance.

So yes, prep for the future. Make plans. Work hard. Do good stuff.

But don’t do it at the expense of the life you’re living. Don’t do something because you “have to” or because “it’ll eventually be worth it.”

Because who knows if it will be? You only get to do this once. Life’s too short for bad movies, crappy video games, and boring workouts. Don’t waste your time doing anything less than doing what you absolutely love.

Watch good movies. Play awesome games. Run or lift or play because you love it, not because someone else told you to.

Just because the end result is “fitness” or “health” or “weight loss” or even “fun,” if the time it takes to get there sucks…you’re wasting your time.

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Community Spotlight

Every week, #FitGeekFriday will feature one of the awesome posts shared by you wonderful FitGeeks out there.

Today, I’m throwing a spotlight at our good friend Mike Sweetman over at Be A Healthy Geek. If you guys don’t know Mike, make sure you introduce yourselves. Mike is a lynchpin in the FitGeek community, and it was his encouragement that got me to start blogging again and taking more post-run selfies.

Mike, being a healthy geek.

Be sure to drop by his site, check out his review of some awesome, geeky workout apparel and make a new friend.

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