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Spring Break?

The school where I teach has an early spring break. A very early spring break. You see, today is my last day of spring break, and while I have to say it’s been awesome to be off, the weather hasn’t been exactly…springy.

Because our break is so early, there’s still a good chance of having cold weather. In fact, just yesterday there was a mild ice storm that closed down the roads and schools and such. The day before that it was 70 degrees, and I was able to finally–finally!–go outside and get in a good 5-mile run in.

While I do hate that I didn’t get to just lounge outside and roll in the grass over spring break, a cold spring break is better than no spring break at all. A lot of teachers may not talk about it, but let me tell you the truth: we love our spring, winter, and summer breaks as much as (or more than!) students do. It’s a big perk of the job.

And because the weather is wacky here this time of year, it will likely be too cold tomorrow for my asthmatic lungs to run in the 5K race that my wife and I had thought about. Oh well. There will be plenty of races to run this spring once the weather is more accommodating.

Do you get spring break? Have you signed up for any spring races yet?

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Community Spotlight

Every week, #FitGeekFriday will feature one of the awesome posts shared by you wonderful FitGeeks out there.

Today, I’m throwing a spotlight at Glenneth from Your Path to Fit. She shared with us last week her 5K Walking Schedule, and I wanted to call attention to it again. I tend to get caught up in the running-aspect of fitness and races, but there is a huge community out there of walkers, too. Walking is fantastic exercise, much lower impact than running, and has just as much of a social and supportive community as any I’ve ever witness or been a part of.

So if you’re daunted by the thought of running a 5K, follow Glenneth’s example and set yourself up a schedule to walk a few races. Sign up, get yourself moving, and have some fun. After all, that’s what all this is about, anyway, isn’t it?


Walk a 5K with Glenneth at Your Path to Fit!

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