GIF Review of Three Generations of Asics Nimbus Running Shoes

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Since I started running, I’ve run in three generations of Asics Nimbus shoes, starting with the 13s, moving into 14s, and now I’m currently in last year’s model, the Asics Nimbus 15. Instead of boring you with tech specs, anecdotes, and all that other boring stuff that you can find in other reviews on websites like Runner’s World or Competitor, I’ve put together this handy-dandy compilation of GIFs to let you know exactly how it felt to run in each generation of these shoes. 

How It Felt to Run in the Nimbus 13:

I felt like I could do anything in these shoes.

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How It Felt to Run in the Nimbus 14:

I'd rather cut off my feet than run another ten feet in these shoes.

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I cannot reiterate enough: these shoes are terrible.

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How It Felt to Run in the Nimbus 15:

I think I kind of like these shoes. A lot.

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I never want to stop running in these shoes. I'm not sure if the 16s are even going to be able to improve on them.

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