One of my lifelong aspirations is to contribute to the Star Wars EU in some way. I want to write at least one media tie-in novel for Star Wars before I die.

So when I hope on Twitter this morning and see that Star Wars scribe Dave (Wolverton) Farland needs help, I wanted to do what I could. Even if that something is as small as Tweeting, Facebook sharing, and making a blog post about his needing help.

You see, Farland’s teenage son is on a coma, and his family is in need of help with medical expenses. So they have asked for fans to help through a BOOK BOMB. All you have to do is buy one of his books to help out.

Personally, I bought Million Dollar Outlines, but there are plenty of other options–including his Star Wars novels. So if you’re interested in helping, grab a book or spread the word.

It’s for a good cause. And really, the guy created the Nightsisters who live on Dathomir. They’re badass. That’s worth at least a few bucks, am I right?

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