I’m Writing a Weight-Loss Book. And I Need Your Help.

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One of the best things about writing for this blog is when I get an email, Facebook message, or tweet about how my story inspired someone to lose weight of their own. Over the past year, more messages like that have made their way to me than I ever expected. I mean, I started this blog to try to help people, but the reality of someone saying “You helped me” is actually pretty surreal…and humbling. 

Earlier this week I got a message from a long-time blog buddy saying that he had lost 118 pounds, and that I got partial credit for getting his ass in gear. That tweet absolutely made my day.

And it got me to thinking–thinking about current projects, upcoming projects, and where my focus should be. It made me think about coaching, training, running, school, writing, everything. It made me think about books like Half-Assed (affiliate link to Amazon) and The World’s Strongest Librarian and how if I want to help the most people I can, I need to really get my story out there. I’m approaching the end of the writing process for my current novel, and once that’s done, I’m going to be writing my very own weight-loss memoir.

But I need your help. I want to know what you folks look for in that kind of book. I want to include the kinds of information and stories that would be the most helpful for you. It may be my story, but I already know what happened. What do you need to know? What do you want to know?

I’m writing this book for you, so shoot me an email, give me a tweet, or comment on this post to let me know what you want it to be.

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