On Summer Running

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Yesterday, this was me.

At 7am, it was 90% humidity and 85 degrees. Fun stuff. I still logged a good 4 miles of running and another 1.5 of walking, which is a pretty good start to the half-marathon training. It also put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

After I recovered from the evil, solid-air death caused by summer running, that is.

Today’s going to be a light day: tennis with my wife in the evening and a few miles of slow walking on the treadmill as I edit a manuscript for a friend. Nothing that should make me too sore.

Because tomorrow…I do it again. Another 4 miles in the humidity.

Because of my asthma, I probably¬†should be running on the treadmill to avoid the humidity, but I’m trying to push myself through it. I’m trying to get myself trained to run in hotter, more humid weather so that I can really rock some races with my super-strength lungs once it starts to cool down in the fall.

Until then, though…I’m going to agree with Jake up there.

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