One Of Those Days

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Well, this week has started off great. I was looking forward to hitting the new treadmill and getting back into my MWF running schedule when I got hit with some sort of sick-bug yesterday.

I’m afraid it’s the flu, but there I don’t have a temperature at this point. Once I start to creep up past the 98 range, I’ll head to the doctor for some TamiFlu.

I’d been thankful for rest days lately, but this is ridiculous. My wife tells me I should have grabbed a flu shot, to which I say¬†nuh uh!

This sick season is ridiculous here in TN, so it’s no surprise I got something from my students. I’ll just have to be even more vigilant to wash and GermX my hands when I get back to work.

Hope no one else’s week started off this way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some very important wallowing and impotent groaning to do.

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