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I’ve been playing a ton of the Overwatch beta this week. I’d played a couple of the previous beta weekends, and even though I don’t like first-person shooter games, this one has really grabbed my attention.

That’s probably because I can play a support character (i.e. healers!) and not feel like I’m dead weight. Blizzard has managed to make even the most basic healer/support heroes complex enough that I don’t feel like I’m just following other players around, cleaning up their messes. I get to actively support my team, which is amazing for me in a FPS game (especially since I don’t have the twitchy reflexes required to play most modern FPS games).

Void and I did a whole episode of our Geek to Geek Cast on Overwatch this week. You should definitely give it a listen. It’s pretty awesome.

Still not sold on Overwatch?

Then I highly suggest watching these amazing Play of the Game clips of yours truly. Then you can add me on as Lesser#1993 and join in on the fun.

The game officially releases on May 24, and I can’t wait. This is definitely going to be one of those evergreen games for me (games I can just pick up and put down whenever I want for a very long time).

My biggest issue with Overwatch is that it’s pretty easy to sit and play for hours. And since I’ve gained about 25lbs since September (I injured myself and went through some weirdness with anxiety, but didn’t blog much about it–sorry!), I really need to move my FitDesk into my new office and ride it while blowing people up. I should definitely do that soon.

Oh, and speaking of riding bikes…I got a new toy!

I can’t wait to get this baby out on the trails again. So between my FitDesk inside with Overwatch and my new Raleigh M40 outside on the TVA Trails, I should be in a pretty decent place to get back into clothes that fit me.

Summer break just started, and it’s looking pretty darn good to me.

Have you played Overwatch yet? What did you think? Who are your favorite heroes? And do you have any new toys for the summer you can’t wait to share with the world?

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