Reasons or Excuses Not to Run?

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Someone busier than you is running - Fitness Meme

I hate when things get in the way of running. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run yesterday. Between having to be at work half an hour earlier than usual and it being Valentine’s Day, I just set my next run for today. For this morning.

For right now.

Well, guess what? I’m not running. Instead, I’m blogging about not running.

Without going into too many details on what went wrong, let’s just say that it all started when I was too stupid to wake up to my alarm and things just kept snowballing from there.

And now, as I sit here typing this, finally caught up to where I could run, I’m *looks at the clock* exactly two hours and four minutes behind schedule.

I have a crazy busy day at work today, too, so I was hoping to use my morning run as a way to preemptively de-stress. Oh, well. What can you do, right?

My goal now is to just make sure I get of there on time and run this afternoon or tonight. That won’t be too bad–I just prefer to run in the morning because I’m on my feet all day at work anyway.

I suppose the reason I’m posting this is simple. Reasons not to exercise come up. They’re everywhere, and they’re legitimate. If you’re not fluid enough to reorganize your schedule, that’s what makes them excuses.

Remember, no one has time to work out; everyone makes time to do it.

So tonight…I’m making time. Are you?


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