Second Breakfast? What About the First One?

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What about second breakfast?

You know how I know I’m not a Hobbit? I mean, I have the feet for it, but I have never really been hungry in the mornings. So I had no interest in eating breakfast–much less second breakfast.

The way I saw it, if I wasn’t hungry, I shouldn’t eat. Why take in extra calories for no reason?

A sound rule of thumb for the most part, but now that I’m exercising regularly and eating a more balanced diet, I find that I’m ravenous in the mornings.

So In June of 2012, I started eating breakfast: I drink a gigantic cup of coffee and bowl of oatmeal (sweetened with Truvia and blueberries or cinnamon) every single day. And you know what?

Within two weeks of that, I started losing weight faster–despite the additional calories–and I felt better during the day. I had more energy–to the point where I could run 5 or 6 miles within just 30-45 minutes of eating my oatmeal.

It was phenomenal.

So if you’re looking for excess calories to cut, folks, I suggest you find them somewhere other than breakfast.

Like second-breakfast. Sorry, Merry. Sorry, Pippin. There’s always Elevenses.


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