Pinterest, Tumblr and Sustainable Weight Loss. Oh my.

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FitIsTheNewBeautiful - Things I've Learnt 001

I don’t quite get Tumblr or Pinterest. I understand Facebook. I get Twitter. But the nuances of Pinterest and Tumblr baffle me. But I’m trying. I set up an account at both sites and started blogging: and

I’ve tried to be pretty active these past few days, so maybe something will come of it. I do see how hours and hours can be spent reading through the streams and boards, though. Jeez.

One blog I came across on Tumblr was called¬†Fit is the New Beautiful, and the girl who runs it has a series called “Things I’ve Learnt.” Today’s image is from there, and if you’re going to learn anything during your fitness quest, this should be it.¬†

Losing weight and getting fit is a long, slow, gradual, and sometimes arduous process. If you expect to stop and go back to eating poorly and not exercising, you can also expect to gain your weight back and get back out of shape.

It sucks, but them’s the breaks, kid.

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