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This week was pretty good for me overall. I made a lot of progress on a lot of fronts, from gaming to fitness to finishing out some freelance contracts.

Forward momentum feels good, you know?

This episode’s topics include:

Additionally, I have been meditating more and doing yoga to keep myself calmer. I met with my counselor earlier this week, and we decided to get back to at least a monthly schedule because I’ve been a little down lately. I think it’s just the winter blues, but it never hurts to keep a check on things before they spiral out of hand.

What about you, fitgeeks?

What is going on in your lives this week that you want to share?

Use #FitGeekFriday or throw a comment down below and let the world know what’s up!

As always, feel free to reach out to me at @professorbeej or @geekfitnesscast


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